Our Projects

Projects enable us to add to the mix of work we already do. From exploring the underwater world in Railway Land Live to working with vulnerable people in Well-Being in Nature and strengthening our organisation in Resilient Railway Land, running projects means that we can bring huge expertise to the Trust and provide all sorts of ways for people  to get involved.

  • Well Being In Nature

    The Wellbeing in Nature project runs free, friendly sessions that are open to anyone who experiences poor mental health. It is based on the huge amount of evidence about the benefits that being outdoors in a natural environment can bring to everyone’s mental health.

  • Linklater RATS

    This voluntary after school group emerged from the Coastal Communities 2150 project and they named themselves The Linklater RATS, Raising Awareness of Tides and Sea levels. 

  • Madagascar

    Discover how, in 2003 a remarkable partnership was formed between Dr Alison Jolly, a Lewes based primatologist specialising in the social behaviour of lemurs in Madagascar, and Dr John Parry, a founder Trustee of the Railway Land Wildlife Trust

  • Extended Learning

    Thanks to the South Downs National Park Authority’s Sustainable Communities fund, this project will bring some of the excellent resources we use for school visits to a wider audience.

  • Nature Corridors For All

    Nature Corridors for All (NC4A) participants are all adults with learning disabilities who meet at the Linklater Pavilion twice a week. This project has been running since 2005 and is currently supported by East Sussex County Council.

  • Conservation Grazing

    The water meadows that sit between the Railway Land Local Nature Reserve and the River Ouse have been grazed by cattle for many years. They are an unusual habitat, and the ditches in particular contain a rich diversity of species.

  • Fixed-Point Photos

    Learn about how our team and members of the community are using fixed-point photography for new discoveries across the UK.

  • Resilient Railway Land

    The Resilient Railway Land is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and has been an invaluable opportunity for the Trust to take a step back and re-examine its long term strategy and objectives.

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