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The Lewes Mosaic Project is a collaboration between the Railway Land Wildlife Trust, Common Cause Cooperative, Wildflower Lewes, Lewes Urban Arboretum and Lewes Swift Supporters.

We want to help build a mosaic of habitats right across the town, providing homes and food for our wonderful wildlife and bringing the town to life!

Can you help? Can you plant a window box with wildflowers? Let some (or all!) of your garden get wilder? Cut a hedgehog hole in your garden fence? Encourage your workplace to have a wilder carpark? There are so many ways to make Lewes a more friendly place for wildlife, and we are here to help!


We would love to include everybody's work to support wildlife on the Lewes Mosaic Map... we can achieve so much together, learning, sharing and celebrating our collective efforts! You can explore what has already been achieved by hovering over the dots on the map below.


Would you like your contribution to the Lewes Mosaic to go on our online map, so other people can see what’s going on and be inspired to join in? If so, please fill in this simple form below the map.


Here is the form to submit. The map will be updated once a month so we can see the Mosaic growing

Please note, your contact details, address and postcode will not be made public or shared. We simply require them for accuracy and so that we can contact you when the map is updated.

Would you like to go on our contact list and keep updated about the Mosaic Project?
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