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Fixed Point Photography

The adults with learning disabilities that are involved in the Railway Land through the Nature Corridors for All project, were commissioned by the National Trust in 2005 to take fixed point photographs to help in the study of the effects of long-shore drift and coastal erosion.

Birling Gap Fixed Point Images
Heart of Reeds

Land artist Chris Drury's design for a reed bed began to take shape in the Autumn of 2004. A key part of the design was to create marginal strips between water and land which would vary depending on the height of the water. Another key part of the design was the use of the cardiac twist which led to a distinctive central area of the Heart of Reeds.

Heart of Reeds Fixed Point Images
Winterbourne Stream

These fixed point photos of the Winterbourne Stream, which runs through the Reserve, have been taken by a group of adults with learing disabilities every month since September 2012

Winterbourne Stream Fixed Point Images

The development and progress of this area has been recorded by adults with learning disabilities. Their record gives us a wonderful glimpse into the seasonal changes of the area settles. More recently, there has been significant development on the opposite bank of the River Ouse. This drives home the crucial role the reserve plays in flood mitigation.

Railway Land Fixed Point Images
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