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Nature Corridors for All

A ground breaking social inclusion project


Nature Corridors for All (NC4A) participants are all adults with learning disabilities who meet at the Linklater Pavilion twice a week. This project has been running since 2005 and is currently supported by East Sussex County Council.


Participants have worked in partnership with local schools, artists and conservationists to develop and enhance the Linklater Pavilion and its surrounding environment. They have also been able to develop a wide knowledge and skill base, anything from coppicing and forest skills to film making, arts projects and creating databases!

NC4A awarded The John Muir Award

NC4A on Facebook

The NC4A Facebook page gives a very good idea of their significant contribution.

NC4A have recently undertaken a special program of conservation activities which will result in them receiving The John Muir Award in July 2016.


The John Muir Trust engagement initiative encourages people to connect with, enjoy, and care for wild places and the award is an environmental award scheme for people of all backgrounds – groups, families, individuals. It’s non-competitive, inclusive and accessible.


Their blogs for this award can be found on their own website.

Nature Corridors for All website
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