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Well Being In Nature

Our Wellbeing in Nature project runs free, friendly sessions that are open to anyone who experiences poor mental health. The sessions are based around gentle walks on the nature reserve, observing the wildlife and experiencing the changing seasons. It is based on the huge amount of evidence about the benefits that being outdoors in a natural environment can bring to everyone’s mental health.

Breathing space.jpeg

The project is based on the principles of participation and co-design:

  • Inspiring people to get involved in the Railway Land through creation of volunteering and participation opportunities

  • Developing a cohort of well-trained volunteers to support the sessions

  • Working to develop a network of organisations that provide nature-based activities to support mental wellbeing 

If you would like to find out more please contact us by email

The Wellbeing in Nature project forms part of the Lewes Mosaic, working to connect wildlife and wellbeing across Lewes Town

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