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The Railway Land Wildlife Trust’s ‘Green Careers for All’ project aims to inspire young people to pursue ‘green’ careers that will help tackle the climate and ecological emergencies we face.  Despite the seriousness of these situations globally, there are many rapidly growing local opportunities for young people to develop fulfilling careers, whilst being part of the solution. 

Green Careers for All supports schools in meeting Gatsby Benchmark 5 by providing ‘meaningful encounters with employers’.  A key part of this process is supporting students to put forward further questions to our Green Champs, our green industry professionals, after viewing the video resources. In order to facilitate this, please let us know when you will be using these resources by emailing Milly Hawkins here.  We will upload responses to some student questions soon, the answers to which may be relevant to the questions your own students have.  We will also be uploading further interviews with more of our Green Champs in the near future, so please do revisit this page soon!

This project was originally produced with Year 8’s in mind, and specifically to meet the Gatsby Benchmark - especially at a time when most schools are facing significant restrictions in opening or allowing visitors in school.  These resources, however, are  relevant to most KS3 and KS4 students, and we hope they will be a useful prompt for discussion in their own right, regardless of whether students carry on to fill in the accompanying worksheet. Please scroll to the bottom of the page to find teacher notes, lesson plans and student worksheets.

We extend a big Thank You to all our Green Champs (interviewees), who gave their time freely to assist with championing the future of green jobs, and to the South Downs National Park Authority for funding this work through their COVID emergency fund.

Introduction Video (6.23 mins)
Kim Dawson - Ecologist (3.17)

As an ecologist, Kim has a real passion for nature.  She tells us what her job entails and shares her enthusiasm for protecting nature.

Ian Moor - Lead Technician - Wind Farm (2.12)

Ian is a lead technician for offshore wind farm, Rampion, off the Sussex coast.  He explains attributes needed in his work, and of the huge growth in his sector.

Shelaine Sieple - Managing Director, Sustainable Business Partnership CIC (3.57)

Shelaine runs the Sustainable Business Partnership which supports businesses in making choices that reduce their carbon footprint and waste.  She talks of what she looks for in potential employees.

Chloe Harrison - Community Support Officer (3.23)

Chloe works for Sussex Wildlife Trust on the Wilder Horsham Project as a Community Officer.  She talks of her surprise of finding a job that matches her interests and skills

Jason Lindfield - Director, OHM energy (2.33)

Jason runs a company OHM Energy that designs and installs renewable energy such as heat pumps and solar panels on homes and work places, and he tells us how he expects his sector to grow.

Tony Lucas - Forester (4.35)

Tony is a Forrester and chainsaw trainer and assessor, and talks of how although his work is enjoyable, he also needs to be very responsible at times.

Summary Video - Inspiring Words from our Champs (4.32 mins)

Teachers' notes and lesson plans

Student worksheets

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