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This brand new project is about enhancing people’s engagement with the local environment. It aims to bring people together to create more vibrant and sustainable places to live, work and play in and around Lewes District.


The project has a strong focus on giving young people opportunities to bring their voices forward and empowering them to take part in:

        Strengthening climate resilience

        Increasing biodiversity

        Enhancing wellbeing by connecting with nature


We will also be supporting local environmental groups with the development of learning resources, outreach and trainings for working with young people, depending on their individual requirements.

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Underpinning the project is the concept of Blue and Green Infrastructure and the many benefits it brings to our local communities.

Blue and Green Infrastructure - What is it?

BLUE refers to the water body elements in our local environment. Examples include: rivers, lakes, canals, reservoirs, ponds, rainwater collection butts and raingardens.


GREENrefers to the land-based elements: Trees, fields, parks, woodland, hedgerows, street verges, soil, community gardens, window boxes, compost heaps, green walls and roofs to name a few.


INFRASTRUCTURE is how these elements are designed to interconnect within a multifunctional network providing multiple uses and benefits such as:

Increased biodiversity, severe weather adaptation, carbon capture, active travel facilities, wildlife habitat and wellbeing.

Aged 14-25 ?

Our next meet up is Tuesday 20th June 4-6pm @ The Linklater Pavilion

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Are you a young person and would like to get involved with:

        Meeting and working with experts to develop regenerative solutions in your local area

        Developing skills and experience working with the local environment

        Green wellbeing activities in beautiful natural spaces


If you’d like to find out more about any of these, get in touch.

Are you involved in a local environmental group and would like:

        Support to develop learning and community engagement resources

        Training to support  your delivery of learning sessions for schools and community groups

        Support with outreach and collaborative work with other organisations to strengthen                  our blue and green infrastructure locally?


If so, get in touch.

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The project is supported throughout by volunteers. If you would like to share or develop skills in:


        Running events and workshops

        Supporting practical environmental activities

        Communications, publicity and building networks


Get in touch!

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