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Railway Land Recovery

The nature reserve took a bit of a hammering during the lockdowns while we were making the most of our allowed outside time. Green spaces everywhere were playing host to thousands as we walked or exercised in the natural environment.


All this doesn't come without a cost, and the Railway Land like many other spaces now deserves to be the recipient of the love and attention it so freely afforded us.

We're very happy to have received some funding from the Chalk Cliff Trust to enable volunteers and community groups to work to restore these areas. So look out for the Railway Land Recovery signs - people and nature recovering together 💚


The project, headed by Plumpton College graduate Jenny Lindop, will be enclosing some particularly damaged parts of the Reserve with natural barriers and reused protective fencing, re-seeding and eventually planting saplings. The worn steps in different parts of the Railway Land will also be repaired or replaced. 


Jenny will be running regular volunteering sessions on the first Sunday (at 10am) and third Wednesday (at 1pm) of the month. Get in touch with Jenny if you are interested in getting involved.

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