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Songs of Nature

A special evening of Yawanawá music 


Sadly but very understandably the Yawanawa musicians have decided to cancel their European tour because of the Coronavirus.

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22nd of April, 2020

Food ~ 6.30pm

Music ~ 7.30pm

We are delighted to welcome members of the Yawanawá people to the Railway Land, who are making the journey across to Europe to share the voice and spirit of the Amazon Rainforest. This is a unique opportunity to hear their sacred music accompanied by guitar, drums & charango. 

The artists will be joined by local percussionists who will  contribute to the music

This concert will be part of a wider European tour that serves to aid the construction of an Art House, where members of the Yawanawá  community can gather to continue valorising the studies of their traditional arts, generate cultural exchanges and have a space for the Yawanawa culture to unfold. 

The concert will also raise funds to support the Railway land Wildlife Trust in its work bringing environmental education to the whole community.

Vegan & vegetarian food will be served from 6pm, and soft drinks & snacks will be available during the evening. There will also be an opportunity to look at some Yawanawa arts and crafts from 6pm & after the music. This is an alcohol free event. Children welcome. 

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Xina is a talented musician and artist from the Yawakuxi, a group of young men who are being initiated in spirituality by the guardians of the Sacred Village. Xina lives in Nova Esperança Village with the main political and spiritual leaders of the Yawanawa, Chief Nixiwaka and Putanny, following their steps and guidance. His music carries the spirit and joy of the younger Yawanawa generation.


Xina has been dedicatedly supporting the growth of the Art School as he developed a unique and original style of painting that has inspired his family and opened doors for him to carry the Yawanawa arts to the world.

Tsatsawanu Yawanawa.jpg


Tsatsawanu, also known as Marcia or Txutxu, is the daughter of the legendary Pajé Tata. Her father guided her through the samakei diet of the sacred serpent, and helped her fortify her amazing talents since childhood. She is today one of the greatest artists of her people, master of kênês and teacher of her native language. Her powerful voice will bring the feminine energy of the forest.

Tsastawanu is known for her beautiful intricate face paintings with the natural pigments of nane (jenipapo), as well as her sacred designs on ceremonial clothes. She is one of the Art School’s main representatives, proudly carrying the voice of her culture and spirituality while contributing to the empowerment of indigenous women.


Delfina Muñoz de Toro

Indigenous activist, musician and visionary artist, Delfina is founder of the Kênê Waty Shuhu Art School in partnership with leaders Nixiwaka and Putanny Yawanawa.

She works on cultural development within indigenous communities of the Amazon Rainforest, where she spends long periods of time training the artists, weaving art and spirituality in deep study and co-creation.

Delfina will be travelling from Acre with the Yawanawa, exhibiting her paintings and organising the Yawa Kênêya tour.


Simona Marini

Simona is a graphic designer. artist and tattooist studying the sacred designs and traditional visual language of the indigenous people of the Amazon. 

Simona will be contributing to the expansion of the Art School and supporting the Yawanawa family during the tour. 

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