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Travel back in time on Saturday 18 May and experience the ancient skill of flint knapping at the Linklater Pavilion

Developing skills to work flint into carefully crafted tools allowed our hunter gatherer ancestors to thrive in this landscape. Now it's your chance to create your own flint tool using the same techniques.

Come to the Linklater Pavilion on Saturday 18 May (from 10am-4pm) when we are fortunate to have Tristan Bareham, the knowledgeable and experienced archaeologist and flint knapper, to lead the day. Most of your time will be spent in the woods around the fire learning hands-on skills. Tristan will share his fascinating knowledge, and you will handle ancient items shaped by our ancestors thousands of years ago.

BOOKING is ESSENTIAL Places are VERY limited to enable participants to receive individualised instruction in the practical work.




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