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The Planet Party

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Sunday September 19th, 11am - 4pm

Planet Party is a day to celebrate the positive, practical and fun things we can do individually and collectively to help look after our planet today – and for future generations.

Including... What is climate change and what can I do? Our speakers and stalls explain how our world is changing and what can be done to help it – as individuals, communities and governments. Children’s activities From puppet shows to eperimental woodwork to the Climate Activities Tent, there’s lots to get children of all ages inspired about the world around them.

Celebrating our river Cheer on the ‘Guardians of the Ouse’ flotilla of boats, take a boat trip or discover what action we can take to keep our rivers healthy.

Every little step counts From how we travel, what we wear to how we power our homes, explore a range of big and small ideas to make a difference.

Nature’s helping hand Be inspired to grow wildflowers, give insects a happy home and learn about nature in and around the Linklater.

Citizens Climate Assembly At the end of the day, share your thoughts on what you think should happen locally to help Lewes take climate action – your voice matters!


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