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Lewes Mosaic

The Lewes Mosaic Project

Connecting Wildlife and Wellbeing

The Lewes Mosaic project is all about nurturing the wellbeing of individuals, groups and our local ecology.  It connects wellbeing with the wildlife and nature around us. As well as supporting a network of green wellbeing activities, the project is helping to grow a mosaic of wildlife-rich habitats across the town.

The project is a partnership between the Railway Land Wildlife Trust and Common Cause Cooperative. Together, we are building on our experiences of running green wellbeing activities, sharing ideas and expertise with other groups who have an interest in that area, and working with social prescribers to provide connections for people to support their mental and physical wellbeing.

The Railway Land Wildlife Trust is building on its Wellbeing in Nature sessions – gentle group walks and the mindful observation of wildlife on Lewes Railway Land - while Common Cause is growing its provision of therapeutic horticulture, creating spaces that are welcoming to wildlife as well as people.

The project is promoting more ways to engage in nature through the seasons. Some of the exciting things we have planned are creating a wellbeing space at the entrance of the Railway Land, setting up a Wellbeing Hive of local green groups, developing opportunities for volunteering in nature-related projects, and working with allotment holders to support them to produce food in ways that are wildlife friendly.

We are looking forward to working more with Wildflower Lewes, Lewes Urban Arboretum and Lewes Swift Supporters – as well as many other organisations and businesses across the town.

This is a three year project and there are all sorts of ways to get involved. If you’d like to know more please contact us here.

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