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In Sussex, on the edge of Lewes by the River Ouse, are more than twenty acres of land, used for over fifty years as rail yards. When they were dismantled, they became a wasteland. After twenty-five years of benign neglect, the land was saved from development by a group of local residents. Since then, it has become a prized nature reserve around which several social and ecological projects gravitate. These, and the web of relations between them, constitute the Railway Land Project.
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We are looking for new trustees

Date: 25/09/2014
Do you have the skills to match our needs?

As a registered charity, The Railway Land Wildlife Trust (RLWT) based in Lewes is moving into an important phase that calls for additional Trustees to help support and develop our programme.

Over the last 25 years, we have helped shape the development of the award winning Railway Land Local Nature Reserve in Lewes and have led on many inspirational approaches to environmental education and social inclusion. Our newly constructed and highly successful Linklater Pavilion, acting as a centre for the study of environmental change, provides a solid base on which to further develop our work.

We are looking for trustees with a strong interest in sustainability and social inclusion but also specific skills and experience in human resources and finance. We are in an interesting period of transition with core funding secure for 3 years which includes the creation of two part-time posts in May 2015, a two year funded project to stream live images from the Reserve to schools in Sussex and the challenge of recruiting a new Director for October 2016.

The RLWT Trustees’ role is voluntary and unpaid but should occupy up to 6 two hour trustee meetings a year plus occasional ad hoc meetings, usually in the evening. If you feel you have the skills and experience to bring to this exciting and developing project, we would very much like to hear from you.

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