Lewes Tree Summit, March 2020

The first Lewes Tree Summit took place on March 8th 2020 and was attended by over 100 people, made up of individuals, small landowners, professional foresters, and representatives of community groups, environmental charities, and statutory bodies.

Key themes of the day included:

  • The need for a coordinated and well planned approach to tree planting, natural regeneration and the development of other habitats

  • The great potential in joining up existing areas of woodland and biodiversity hotspots, and in using ‘scraps’ of land. Similarly, planting new hedgerows and improving existing ones are effective means of boosting natural capital and do not conflict with the national park protected landscape designation

  • The need for a unified, well researched and supported approach to landowners and businesses to secure their buy in, particularly in identifying larger areas for tree planting and other approaches to increasing natural capital

  • The need for coordination between groups, for partnerships to be facilitated, and for plans to be joined up

  • The development of a tree and wildflower nursery was a practical project that was very popular with many delegates who felt it could be taken forward relatively simply and quickly.

This forum is a means of taking these conversations forward during a time when we cannot meet face to face, and to build on the diverse skills, enthusiasm and desire for action that characterised the event.

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