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The Linklater Pavilion

The Railway Land Wildlife Trust (RLWT) has now constructed a building, known as the Linklater Pavilion, at the entrance to the Railway Land Local Nature Reserve (LNR) in Lewes, East Sussex. Its purpose is to serve the Trust’s educational aspirations to enable people to capture, understand and celebrate aspects of their local environment and systems on which we all depend.

The Linklater Pavilion is acting as a community learning base to celebrate different people’s response to, and understanding of, their local built and natural environments. It will encourage the continual storage and retrieval of local people’s, and especially young people’s, responses to the local area and will promote innovative educational approaches to the pressing concerns and demands of sustainable development. Key aspects and values that underpin the vision are:

a) community learning as opposed to a visitor attraction.
b) adults with learning disabilities are integrated into the purpose and function from the start.
c) the business plan provides for an annual sum of approx £3,000 to develop and support links with one, or two, centres in developing countries.

Why we are calling it the 'Linklater' Pavilion

The Friends of Lewes, the local Civic Society, has played a vital role in maintaining and enhancing the unique townscape of Lewes since 1952. The Friends were led for 45 years by Peter Linklater who represented them at many successful planning enquiries. In 1987, he led the enquiry on the future of the former railway sidings that were to eventually become the Railway Land LNR.

How we plan to construct it

In building Tte Linklater, we tried to be exemplary in its minimal use of carbon both in construction and day to day running. This was not always easy and in due course, we plan an interactive display to get across the problems we faced. We have managed a ground source heat pump, photovoltaics, a sedum roof and our own water supply. .

The use of the Linklater Pavilion

The Linklater is a social and ecological sustainability centre building on the work of the last 20 years and providing a local archive of change over the next 50 years. It is developing as a centre of environmental education and innovation as well as a base for adults with learning disabilities working alongside schools as appropriate. It also serves as an awayday facility for small groups to reflect on their practice, a venue for evening meetings and an exhibition space.

The running of the Linklater Pavilion

The Linklater is owned by the Railway Land Wildlife Trust on land which is leases from Lewes District Council and with whom it works in close partnership.

How you can help

You can make a donation by sending a cheque marked ‘Railway Land Wildlife Trust’ to:
Alison Lawfield
27 King Henry's Road

Or you can contact to discuss sponsorship opportunities and/or potential rental space.

Please note that we favour groups and enterprises that are linked in some way to environmental concerns and sustainability.

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